Monday, February 16, 2009

New Playoff Commercial

Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Win For Beehives, Coleman Upset.

ESPN /reporting -The Beehive Bailbonds came out with a relentless attitude last night, while stomping Encompass by 25! The Beehives showed why many people had them finishing the season as a #1 seed entering the tournament. Jordan Baker had an astonishing 38 points, while the tall glass of water Dave Heck put in a season high 29! Early in the 2nd half Baker took it to the hoop when 67 year old Gary Blah Blah took him to the ground with a fierce shot, then an Encompass player tries to choke Baker while he is still on the ground, no technicals or flagrants were given out, to the dismay of the Beehives. "We are going to send the tapes into the front office and have them looked over, we feel that the refs are doing a piss poor job of officiating in these type of moments, it's not the first time something like this has happened. Next time I am gonna throw a brick through my wifes bedroom window and stay up all night eating crackers and cheese wiz brotha!" says crazy towel boy Gary Coleman.
What ever happens or doesnt happen the Beehives have got to keep winning the rest of their games.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trade Brewing In The Nest?

ESPN reporter Seymore Skinner is saying he has an inside scoop that CEO Pace Mannion is meeting with Coaches Sherrie Scott and Cory Jensen over the weekend to discuss possible trades with the Beehives. A player on the chopping block could be SG Jeff Bailey who has missed his second game this season for reasons that are very Dennis Rodman like. (Missed 1 game while quarterbacking his city league team to a championship loss, and one because he fell asleep and did not contact the team)"Jeff has played very well for us, it's the off court stuff that is really frustrating to this team and this organization." Says Coach Jensen. Bailey was coming off a game high a week ago with 16 points in a loss. The Beehive Bailbonds have lost 4 of they're last 5 meetings, they went from 1st place to now being in bracket 2 in the tournament.
A player who won't be in trade talks is the bruiser down low, John Henson. Henson has been a steady force for the beehives, the coaching staff says that Henson is a guy who does all the things that doesn't show up on the stat books. "John is off limits to all the teams in this league, he is not tradeable, says Pace Mannion.
If the Beehives want any chances of making a statement they have got to win the rest of there games and hope some of the teams ahead of them lose some ball games. And Candice Smith, captain of the Honey Bees dance team says, "I come to these games shaking my rump all night for these boys and how do they say thank you? They lose. Unacceptable, if they want us Honey Bees out there shakin what our mama's gave us they better step up there game!
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ESPN Columnist Seymore Skinner

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off-Season Excellence

New York Times By Sally Blackberry - PAYSON,Ut. - As the story book season came to a end last March for Adam Jensen and his size 9.5 Nike Airmax's, he remembers one thing from that magical season that the great ones that have passed on will be talking about for ages, his below average shooting percentage. "I just feel that I didn't shoot the ball as good as I know I can." says Adam Jensen, the 3rd year player out of the Chief Peteetneet Academy. "If I could get my three point percentage around 39 or 40% I would be jumping for joy." His father Cory, the team's assistant coach who currently is on a recruiting trip in Louisiana says, "Adam has been working extremely hard with Joshua Charles Milton Scott the 3rd on his jump shot, and the first thing that I noticed about him this off season was that he can stop on a dime and leave you 7 cents change, then pull up in your ugly grill and pop one in your greasy mug." If that wasn't enough to convince you that his shot will be better this season just ask the great Red Hot Henry, "Adam can yo yo left then yo yo right and give it a gentle push and a mile arch, and the cow hide globe will hit home." UUUHHH, thanks Red Hot! Anyways, if you ask Payson's very own City League Basketball hall monitor David Durant, he will say this, "Adam will surprise alot of people this year, I think he has been sitting back in the shadows waiting his turn to shine! This will be The Poet's year!" (The Poet was a nickname given to him by his mentor Bill Walton) So be on the look out for The Poet's game to be shine this season as if it was poetry!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ESPN Breaking News

ESPN Reporter Sammy Sasquatch is reporting that the Beehive Bailbonds are trying to negotiate a deal that would possibly lock up SF Dave Heck to a 3 year deal worth 5 Cafe Rio meals and a free sleep over at "The Rappin Rabbi's" house! If this happens, look for the Beehive's to be buzzin in their hives! "If we can keep him for another 3 years, that would be big for this organization. If we are not able to sighn him then our plan B is probably picking up Gary Coleman to solidify our backcourt." says Beehive Bailbonds assistant Cory Jensen. "I guess we will have to just play the waiting game."

ESPN-S. Sasquatch-

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can They Repeat?

Dallas Morning News- PAYSON, ut (AP) This is a brand new season and the stakes will be higher than ever for the defending champion Beehive Bail bonds. With a few fresh new faces and underwear, the guys will be looking to not only win another City League Title, but go undefeated.
"We won't sale ourselves short of another title" says PG Josh Scott, the crafty guard also says to expect a season full of above the rim action! "With Jordan Baker coming back from potato picking all summer, you can definitely expect his farmer's frame dunking on everyone in sight." Baker, the 3rd year player out of Washington is expecting one of those season's to remember, " Ever since I was a kid I have been dreaming of this moment, the opportunity to go back to back is priceless, it's like landing that date with Jamie Lee Curtis, it's like finding the last baby blue Astro van on the lot. It's just a beautiful thang". (slang for thing) PG Adam Jensen is looking to have that breakout season everyone has been waiting for, "Adam just needs to buckle up like Boller and produce like we know he can!" says Coach Sherrie Scott.
Fans all over the state are gearing up for the upcoming season, "All the way baby, all the wayyyy! says Ricky Barry, "You can't stop Josh's Squirrel jumper, and if you try, he will blow by you for a Mailman-like behind the head layup" says Susanne from Production. Even celebs are feeling the excitement, "I'll have the Sweet n Sour Chicken" says Electric dancer "Dancing Danny.
If this hasn't got you ready for the season, maybe this quote from Rookie Power Forward Shawn "Rappin Rabbi" Kingston will, "The Competition? Who's competition?" Ouch! Look out every one here are the 08-09 Beehive Bail bonds!
Column by Roger Smartypants- Dallas Morning News